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Your Own Personal & Guided Spiritual Retreat with Author/Teacher Ronda LaRue at her Private Artisan Home in Ojai, California

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The SoulArts Process of self-healing breakthrough and spiritual awakening, using every day real life, was built and developed by Ronda over the course of her own depth study, struggles, healings, and self-realizations.

"The SoulArts process I teach and entrain is truly a unique teaching, and not one that I know to exist in this form anywhere else.

'There are many paths up the mountain to enlightenment' (as they say in the interfaith world). And indeed , there are. I doubt there are many modalities I've not studied or tried myself (and many I do incorporate) in my own healing as well as in this very unique awakening process for which I've become known.

What sets these personalized and private retreat processes apart, is that they are uniquely and fully ALL ABOUT YOU. Not only that, these private and personalized retreat offerings are held at my own private artisan home, where we live and work together using your real life story to set you free of story and awake you to your own unique path of purpose.

I'm blessed to have witnessed hundreds upon hundreds of live's changed by coming here to learn this process. And it is my privilege to offer it to you, if you are indeed ready and called to this self-responsible, artful awakening. There's only one price you have to be willing to pay -and it's not $$. (I'll save that for later... see if you can guess what it is...) -- ronda larue


1) The Art of Breakthrough SoulArts Training Retreats

This is perhaps the most powerful retreat I now offer because it has the intimacy and personalized attention of the private solo, while expanding the field of possibility that only arises from a very intimate small group synergy.

Includes: Direct hands on sessions with 2-3 times each day as well as guided training processes to follow on your own between sessions; all meals (healthy gourmet... toward organic Paleo); full use of spa, art studio, yoga studio, meditation hut etc.; private (and some shared) rooms and a LOT of your own private process time and space. You wil be directly experiencing (with my guidance) the art of accessing, following and realizing your soul's own language and inner wisdom. It's a truly awesome process (very NOT groupy and very YES individual artistry)

Schedule: These personal retreat intensives will have a similar format as the Private Exclusive Retreats (at least two sessions each day - and most likely 3) with "training work" for you to engage in between times that is completely specific to each individual (not generic) and that you will need to spend alone time with in order to be ready for the next level of insight and learning of this powerful and progressive training process. It is a very very self-engaging retreat process done within a small group... and your experience and what you do will not be anything like the others just as your own person is not like anyone else. This is a true breakthrough retreat.

DATES: posted on my calendar here.

Normally for the synergize retreats, we begin with dinner and first session on a Thursday evening and we conclude on Sunday about lunch time to allow time for travel home and to bridge the weekend. (Inquire if you are traveling long distance and would like to see about arriving an extra night beforehand, especially encouraged with international travel)



small group self healing training retreat ojai california


2) The Private Individual Exclusive (SOLO)

This retreat where SoulArts began, and it is the one that has earned this novel retreat offering the ranking of one of the top spiritual retreats.

The Private Individual Exclusive is for those who are deeply called to the SoulArts work specifically, and who strongly prefer to be on their own, with lots of alone time, no "people distractions", and who wish to work completely privately, having my full attention to your (and only your) process.

Includes: All meals (healthy gourmet); private accommodations; full private use of spa, art studio, yoga studio, meditation hut etc. alongside entering into a very personalized and progressive depth process with me, as I follow (and show you how to follow) your life's own genius for self-healing, breakthrough, clarity and realization.

Schedule: We normally meet two times each day (morning and early eve). Each session can be anywhere from 1-3 hours and may take on many forms (from talk, to guided visualization, to energy work, to exploring and expanding your ability to catch the mind, meet the surprises of the unconscious and learn the genius for awakening breakthrough that the SoulArts Process puts you through. Between sessions you are actively growing your abilities to see and follow (with my guidance).

The goal is not maximal time with me - it is teaching you the language and the art of your unique path so that when you go home, you know (and you know that you know) how to break free and "follow the threads" of your own life genius in every day, real life. It's very very powerful. Much more happens, (sometimes a predawn trip to the ocean, or a sunset release ceremony atop the mountain looking over the Ojai Valley.... but I'll save this for your own experience, as we only follow the art and the truth of each moment not some "dead agenda".

You can get a good feeling for the richness of these retreats by reading the guest book comments under verbatim under the Retreat Review Page

DATES: The Private Individual Exclusive Retreat is scheduled by application and according to availability throughout the year

Normally we start on a Tuesday morning and end on a Friday morning with an extended invitation to arrive for a free night early if you wish and to settle in and be ready to begin (thus Monday-Thursday night stay most often so you have a weekend bridge to prepare and to "re-enter".

FEE: $2,800 all-inclusive. For more information, Please click below

I look so very forward to "each miracle in wait" that walks in to these private retreats. I trust the timing will open as is the moment of readiness arrives. It's an amazing journey.

Your next step: Introduce Yourself to Inquire and/or Register! I will reply right away once you have submitted your "Self Introduction Form". No obligation to inquire and a very good way to more deeply explore your own heart and soul.

private guided retreats and couples counseling ojai spa california

*I also invite you to add my SoulArts "Soul Pokes!" Mobile App to your smart phone -- a great way to bookmark and have some free resources at hand.

3) The Private Couple Intensive

The private couple intensives and SoulArts Process of Healing, have become very popular. This gives me hope. Hope that more couples in trouble will seek an alternative to where most traditional "talk therapy" is not equipped to enter: into a soul-searching process that can open both partner's minds and hearts to an entirely different deepening level of understanding about love, personal responsibility, and how to be in relationship that offers room for total honesty; supports each person's own individual growth; and takes full responsibility for one's own self-examination and evolution into the next phase of mature relationship (in whatever form it may take).

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Come find out for yourself: that there is no greater journey than your own...

NEW SoulArts Shareable/Printable Brochure PDF. (with group retreat dates)

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NOTE: You are ready to Deposit and Register after having made your Self-Introduction Request For Retreat and we have selected your dates together!

SEE RETREAT FAQ for closest airports, preparation, etc.



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Try the NEW SoulArts Mobile App: "Soul Pokes!" add to your smart phone

An altogether rare and truly life-transforming experience in today's mass marketed culture:

The opportunity to be invited into the natural artisan home spa of one of today's spiritual authors and teachers... and there to find and celebrate your own inner path and wisdom way...

his radical approach gained OjaiSoulArts the reputation and rating as one of the top spiritual retreats in the world by Asia Spa magazine, 2007, and was invited to a faculty at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY in 2014.

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Front Waterfall Entry

"Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I feel as a result of my three days here with Ronda. This has been the most profound, important, enlightening experience of my entire life and I am completely awe-struck.

I came here feeling like I should be here, but not knowing exactly why. I am walking away with a whole new outlook in life and my unique soul."

- Doris TT

"I've never done anything like this. I just had the sense that, for some reason, I was supposed to come here. I didn't know anything like this existed... in ME! I am a new woman, ready for the first time in my life to show the real me to the world." - Shannon Eary

"'Transformational' doesn't do what happened here, and inside me, justice. Your work has true inspiration, magic, and genius to it." - Edwin Halloway, IT Computer Specialist.

"There is nothing like this experience. There's nothing more freeing. What you have the ability to absorb here has the power to illuminate the steps, the rocks, the path to be who you were born to be. It is confusing and enlightening at the same time. I hope it lights your way as I know it will light mine.

I opened my heart here, and I carry it forward with me in a more tangible way than I ever knew before."

Nickie (private couple weekend intensive)
April 27, 2014

"Dearest Sojourner,

Whatever brought you to THIS place here and now – trust that it is exactly where you need to be.

What a beautiful gift you've given yourself – to unplug, relax, enjoy – and allow your soul to come forth in so many beautiful ways that I know will only be fully revealed in the days weeks and months to come.

This amazing experience will happen for you as it is "supposed" to happen. Allow yourself the opportunity to open up as fully and completely as you possibly can. You’ll experience life in ways/visions/feelings/knowing as you never have before.

The great news is that it all comes with you when you leave; because it is all YOU– your SOUL!

Let Ronda and. Allow her words, kind and gentle, get strong spirit, guide you during your stay. Ronda's gift is precious and she is truly giving a first herself to open your soul and spirit so it can soar into the next, most AWESOME phase of your life."

Forever your soul-connected friend,
Pamela (professional soprano)
April 18, 2014.

"To the next Soul Drawn Here,

You are about to have a unique experience. Something brought you here for a divine purpose. It may not feel that way at first…push past the initial feelings of boredom and nagging desire to "do".  Allow yourself to "BE" and see what happens.

If the quiet and stillness scare you, explore why. Flow with the day and see what happens. Surprises await.

I came here as part of a vision quest on a mid-life journey of transition. Ronda’s process reaffirmed and highlighted the messages my soul had been giving me along my journey. Trust your self, your soul. Everything will work out. Trust it is all perfect and that being here is a part of the perfection that "is" now.

Wander, ponder, sit, sleep, nibble, mourn, wonder BE!
Gaze, tune out, tune in, absorb, follow"

Deborah Grady London Ontario Canada
April 10, 2014

"I now realize I was drawn to you for a reason. Thanks for making me feel welcome, special and loved. You have a special gift and a very special place in which to showcase your talents. I felt at home here and catered to the whole time.

I hope you realize how gifted you are and how blessed to be able to help others during their time of need. I leave here with a new perspective. Thanks for noticing my perception, strength and courage… I still have them after all!"

Love you!

Debra J Houston Texas 1–23-2014.

What I know so far is this: my husband Matt and I thought we were at "the end" of our relationship during a "classic affair" experience. What we discovered as we followed our own dedicated path of relationship through the Way of Sacred Counsel, is that what seemed very much like the end of our relationship, was in fact not an end at all. It was rather, this very seeming catastrophe that finally tore down the old patterns that held us from the next level of truth and communion. It became a new marriage and a new depth of personal maturing.

I am continually in awe of the couples who call and come to a private retreat. Most (not all) come at their wits end, having tried couples therapy and ready to give up.... when something called to them to try something more before ending or drifting apart....

There are currently 3 options or arrangements for a private couples intensive:

a) The Weekend Private Couple Intensive (the most popular, this retreat has seen some radical marriage-changing shifts, including often a "new vow on the spot" ceremony which Matt and I are blessed to take part in.)

b) The 3 1/2 Day Private Couple Retreat (much like the Private Exclusive Solo process where more time is put on each individual and less on couples issues.)

c) The One Day Private Couple Turbo Intensive (no overnight). This is for those who can really only do one day and who are not as deep in crisis, but would like a breakthrough process of communicating to take home with them. We teach a version of "The Way of Counsel" mixed with SoulArts, Tantra, Psychology and some home work.

Schedule: All three options above have a similar structure as the Private Exclusive retreats - i.e., at least 2 depth sessions each day with the most significant part of the work being the things that you do individually and as a couple in between the sessions to be ready for the next level of perceptual seeing.

Dates: Dates are scheduled by application/inquiry. I do have on my Mobile App a way to look at what is currently open as on my Google Calendar. (You can find instructions for putting the SoulArts Mobile App on your smart phone under the Events/Calendar page. And I encourage you to do so, as there are other great "on the go" resources on that app as well.)

PRICE: Currently several options and prices.. MORE HERE

Your next step: Introduce Yourself to Inquire and/or Register! I will reply right away once you have submitted your "Self Introduction Form". No obligation to inquire and a very good way to more deeply explore your own heart and soul.

private guided retreats and couples counseling ojai spa california


All SoulArts personalized retreat options (solo, couple, small group) are guided depth immersion experiential training retreats, where you are given the opportunity to see and to directly live and experience a whole new way of living - one that naturally arises from an artful inner attentiveness. And by so experiencing this living artfulness here, you discover - within yourself -how to tap into your own soulful lifestyle and full creative power.

What you will find here - IS YOU!

You will return home not only rejuvenated and inspired by your own creative path in life, but with the tools needed to turn every day life circumstances into your soulful self mastery and spiritual realization. Life itself becomes your natural waking meditation and artistry.

Your next step: Introduce Yourself to Inquire and/or Register! I will reply right away once you have submitted your "Self Introduction Form".

*I also invite you to add my SoulArts "Soul Pokes!" Mobile App to your smart phone -- a great way to bookmark and have some free resources at hand.

soul arts personal private retreats for women upcoming events and informatiton brochure

NEW SoulArts Shareable/Printable Brochure PDF. (with group retreat dates)


"I don't know of any other place where you can go for a few days to be alone and feel so completely safe and at home while being fed nourishing food for the body, mind and creative spirit... all the while being gently and artfully guided in the craft of living from one's deepest truth! - Dr Jody McKinney

This place and Ronda's amazingly powerful abilities in the applied spiritual living arts is a true miracle for those seeking to know and live from their highest authenticity" - Nikki Nickerson, Multi-Business Entrepreneur

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