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Your Own Personal One-On-One Guided Spiritual Retreat with Author/Teacher Ronda LaRue at her Private Artisan Home in Ojai, California

"If you're seeking to know yourself and to live your life fully and soulfully, this is the place... and the teacher!"

ronda awakening the heart at ojai soul arts therapy

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This is the retreat that earned Ojai Soul Arts Retreat & Spa in Ojai California US the rating as: one of the 10 top spiritual retreats in world (Asia Spa Magazine, 2007). Please check the New Special as well!

Please See to discover more about her SoulArts Process of AwakeningTM and unique apprenticeship teaching style; her background; many free articles; videos; reading suggestions; health and healing aids; and much more! When the time is right, please inquire.

Add the Mobile App to your smart phone or ipad and you can paruse at leisure this and so much more.

Details on the private exclusive (one individual or a private couple; and the small group synergy New Special) all pretty well covered in depth below, Note couples rates and options are explained on another page.

Private Retreat Process | Rates | Make Inquiry | NEW Special!


This personalized private retreat and spa for the soul is completely geared toward your current waiting potential and unique path of spiritual self-realization. It is a retreat for real life breakthrough.

You come to work with me one-on-one as my special guest at my private artisan home/spa in Ojai California (see calendar for other venues and group events).

There are currently three personalized private retreat options:

1) The Exclusively Private (SOLO) Retreat

- where you come to work with me in private and no other clients will be here when we are in retreat together, so you have my full attention and your inner awakening experience wholly to yourself. The exclusive (solo) private one-on-one spiritual healing retreat is for those who prefer to be totally alone and who feel called to working with me with no other people whatsoever.

Includes: All meals, private accommodations, full private use of spa, art studio, yoga studio, meditation hut etc. as you enter into a fully private progressive depth process with Ronda in her unique and experiential immersion teaching in the soul arts of self-healing, living mediation, old pattern breakthrough, and real life conscious awakening to full relationship with life.

DATES: We schedule together. These retreats are scheduled by application and according to availability throughout the year (normally starting Tuesday morning and ending Friday morning). Please submit your self-introduction and we will look into dates based on your timing and my availability, thanks. 

2) Private Couples Retreat

- You may also come as a private couple to this retreat process (See details about coming to retreat process as a couple and pricing and details here.

DATES: We schedule together. These retreats are scheduled by application and according to availability throughout the year. Inquire to schedule.

3) SoulArts Salon Personalized Retreats

- where we work in the same way as the Exclusively Private option above, only here, in a very intimate setting with 3-5 others who will likewise delve into their own inner process and where the sharing and synchronicity of a small intimate group adds a level of richness and insight by way of the universal and shared experiences of others.

This is a very potent way to experience your own healing insight and breakthrough and it most appropriate for those who can learn better and breakthrough easier when there are the shared synergies and experiences of a few others in the same process. Likewise includes same as above with private and double shared sleeping arrangements and full depth immersion process. Also usually includes a bit more session time than the private retreat.

These retreats have dates assigned and tend to bridge a weekend to make available to more people. E-mail to assure that there is still room for your desired date. (See below).

DATES: for special 3 1/2 Day Personalized Intimate Retreats (shared in intimate in-residence group of 3-6 people on site) See Events Calendar page and please plan ahead as min-4; max 7

In essence, all three of these retreat options are guided depth immersion experiential training retreats, where you are given the opportunity to see and to directly live and experience a whole new way of living - one that naturally arises from an artful inner attentiveness. And by so experiencing this living artfulness here, you discover - within yourself -how to tap into your own soulful lifestyle and full creative power.

You will return home not only rejuvenated and inspired by your own creative path in life, but with the tools needed to turn every day life circumstances into your soulful self mastery and spiritual realization. Life itself becomes your natural waking meditation and artistry!

This private retreat process is unlike any other that I know of. It is sort of like combining the best of a meditation silent retreat with private spiritual life counsel and sacred psychology; creative expressive arts; shamanist healing arts; unity conscious realization; sacred ritual; cleansing detox; satsang dialogue; and personal vision quest... only instead of being plopped in a group auditorium - OR into the wilderness with only a tent and bottle of water, this process is nurtured in a much (MUCH) more civilized, comfy, and artfully supported environment that effects the same powerful life breakthrough (speaking as one who just recently returned and survived a 3-day fast and prayer vigil in Death Valley and hundreds of miles from the nearest human comfort).

What you will find here - IS YOU!

I do not apply a dogma, a belief system, a technique or a discipline. Rather, we enter together into a profound and soulfully-awake inner listening and honoring dialogue process to hear and to open to your own self-healing wisdom and unique path of Truth.

Types of clients range from those with no to those with extensive experience with inner spiritual selfhood, and from all spiritual paths including deeply mystical pastors, psychologists, healers, artists, and those who feel bereft, lost to themselves, overtaken by the mind-noise of daily living... and sensing/daring to seek more...

The key common is a feeling of resonance toward what my words try to express, and a desire/willingness to step into a personally-responsible relationship with one's own life meaning and path.


We normally meet twice a day, morning and early evening. These sessions can run as long as 2 hours each at times, and combine many vast modalities and wellness arts, depending on what is called forth.

As a result of each "inSight session" there are things that come up for you to delve into and reflect upon in between sessions: This could be a silent hike/meditation to the sea, a nap on the dreaming bed, creating what you have seen inwardly into an outer art form of expression in the art studio, a journaling dialogue, experiencing the body's intelligence through one of the soul spa technologies, etc. Our work is very organic and so no two personalized retreats are ever alike. We follow what is called forth from your inner (perhaps now seemingly masked) wisdom and with my "seeing/sensing" guidance. It is all very fluid, natural, deeply rejuvenating and insightful.

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Come find out for yourself...that there is no greater journey than your own

SEE RETREAT FAQ for closest airports, preparation, etc.


You are ready to Deposit and Register after having made your self-introduction inquiry and we have selected your dates together!

An altogether rare and truly life-transforming experience in today's mass marketed culture:

The opportunity to be invited into the natural artisan home spa of one of today's spiritual authors and teachers... and there to find and celebrate your own inner path and wisdom way...

This radical approach gained OjaiSoulArts the reputation and rating as one of the top spiritual retreats in the world by Asia Spa magazine, 2007.

ojai soul arts spiritual retreat, private ojai retreat, sanctuary, spa and mystery school for spiritual awakening and self realization
Front Waterfall Entry

"Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I feel as a result of my three days here with Ronda. This has been the most profound, important, enlightening experience of my entire life and I am completely awe-struck.

I came here feeling like I should be here, but not knowing exactly why. I am walking away with a whole new outlook in life and my unique soul."

- Doris TT

"I've never done anything like this. I just had the sense that, for some reason, I was supposed to come here. I didn't know anything like this existed... in ME! I am a new woman, ready for the first time in my life to show the real me to the world." - Shannon Eary

"'Transformational' doesn't do what happened here, and inside me, justice. Your work has true inspiration, magic, and genius to it." - Edwin Halloway, IT Computer Specialist.

"There is nothing like this experience. There's nothing more freeing. What you have the ability to absorb here has the power to illuminate the steps, the rocks, the path to be who you were born to be. It is confusing and enlightening at the same time. I hope it lights your way as I know it will light mine.

I opened my heart here, and I carry it forward with me in a more tangible way than I ever knew before."

Nickie (private couple weekend intensive)
April 27, 2014

"Dearest Sojourner,

Whatever brought you to THIS place here and now – trust that it is exactly where you need to be.

What a beautiful gift you've given yourself – to unplug, relax, enjoy – and allow your soul to come forth in so many beautiful ways that I know will only be fully revealed in the days weeks and months to come.

This amazing experience will happen for you as it is "supposed" to happen. Allow yourself the opportunity to open up as fully and completely as you possibly can. You’ll experience life in ways/visions/feelings/knowing as you never have before.

The great news is that it all comes with you when you leave; because it is all YOU– your SOUL!

Let Ronda and. Allow her words, kind and gentle, get strong spirit, guide you during your stay. Ronda's gift is precious and she is truly giving a first herself to open your soul and spirit so it can soar into the next, most AWESOME phase of your life."

Forever your soul-connected friend,
Pamela (professional soprano)
April 18, 2014.

"To the next Soul Drawn Here,

You are about to have a unique experience. Something brought you here for a divine purpose. It may not feel that way at first…push past the initial feelings of boredom and nagging desire to "do".  Allow yourself to "BE" and see what happens.

If the quiet and stillness scare you, explore why. Flow with the day and see what happens. Surprises await.

I came here as part of a vision quest on a mid-life journey of transition. Ronda’s process reaffirmed and highlighted the messages my soul had been giving me along my journey. Trust your self, your soul. Everything will work out. Trust it is all perfect and that being here is a part of the perfection that "is" now.

Wander, ponder, sit, sleep, nibble, mourn, wonder BE!
Gaze, tune out, tune in, absorb, follow"

Deborah O'Grady London Ontario Canada
April 10, 2014

"I now realize I was drawn to you for a reason. Thanks for making me feel welcome, special and loved. You have a special gift and a very special place in which to showcase your talents. I felt at home here and catered to the whole time.

I hope you realize how gifted you are and how blessed to be able to help others during their time of need. I leave here with a new perspective. Thanks for noticing my perception, strength and courage… I still have them after all!"

Love you!

Debra J Houston Texas 1–23-2014.

You, by staying in this energetic state and with my personalized help, become attuned to your own sacred voice... and directly experience and come to know how to attune to your Essence and follow its guiding wisdom, both for the immediate concern that brought you to retreat, and as a visionary course for your lifetime!


We honor and accelerate each deepening insight along the 3 1/2 day process through creative and conscious action given on your part. This could be in the form of a midnight "let go" ceremony, a predawn declaration plunge in the ocean, creating a symbol of your insight, writing a prayer, performing a song... anything's possible, as each journey is unique.

The power of this work is in staying saturated in your essence the entire time, with my nourishing energetic help, guiding facilitation.. .and the Grace that naturally occurs in this kind of seated sacredness of relationship.

All "doing" while you are here is brought forth from a place of sensing what emerges from within your inner Being, so there is much quiet "meandering" time that is actually a fundamental key to first discovering, then attuning to... and then honoring/following the "wisdom language" of your Soul.


People usually arrive on the morning of the first day, unless we make special arrangements for you to arrive an extra night in advance, which I generally offer free to those traveling from a long distance... making it a possible four nights in total for those traveling from a distance.

When you arrive you are ushered into a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating timelessness that I call a state of "self-pampering and soulful meandering." The mind is let go and you are gifted with a true "spa for the body and soul."


While you are here you will stay in your own little private "cocoon." (For those attending the small Intimate Personalized retreats, you will be staying in either a solo or shared with one other person private space.)

I know most retreats are notorious for pretty sparse, bare bones accommodations. This is absolutely not the case at Ojai SoulArts. For one thing I work with with one retreat client and honored guest on this property at a time (Exclusively Private Retreat), or no more than 6 (SoulArts Salon Retreats). In the Exclusively Private (Solo) Retreat you are completely "at home" here with your own privacy and space. In the small group SoulArts Salon Personal Retreats you are likewise endowed with plenty of private spaces and full use of the property (spa, art studio, yoga studio, meditation hut etc.)

What I've discovered in offering these unique privately-guided retreats, is that they provide sacred space that takes you out of your normal home-like feel and yet still offers the soothing creature comfort amenities of a healing spa.

As an artist in all things, believe me, beauty is paramount to my world and it is a BIG part of the Ojai SoulArts lifestyle! So, I took the idea and the power behind the vision quest and their use of the womb-like tent out in an isolated wilderness ("lions and tigers and bears, Oh my"), and considered how I could re-create the small cocoon-like power of the vision quest into something I feel should accompany one on the journey quest of living an artful and soulful life.

What I created is a luxuriously simple and elegantly soothing private space using a new and rock painted RV trailer (hey this is a journey and we will be traveling!) that has been beautifully transformed into an adorable hand-painted and thatched private cocoon to facilitate you "going inward." There are two other lovely spaces for shared sleeping in the SoulArts Salon Retreats.

This special spaces for your private retreat has the feel of entering into an inner sanctum. Perfect, I find -- and am told by those who take up this adventurous self realization journey! So instead of sparse, like so many spiritual meditation retreats and vision quests (that's OUT!), I gave your space a cozy beauty and an elegant simplicity, equipping it with spa-like creature comfort amenities including a wonderful high-piled feather bed stacked with fluffy down pillows, kitchen and bath.

Your private cocoon also includes an artful private sitting deck surrounded by copper torches and overlooking the woods and old creak bed near the outdoor spa and fire pit. It is about 20 feet from the main house where you have additional full and private access to a large health room/library, large private bath, and some fabulous healing technologies like the vibro-accoustic sound mat and chi machine. (See retreat experiences and photo gallery for a good sense of your enchanted and private experience while here).

All meals are included ("gourmet healthy decadence") so it is very nurturing and nourishing. You'll see several "ooh's and ah's" regarding the artful culinary experiences by former retreat clients, which I've taken from their guest book entries and added to the Testimonials section. As with everything we do during your personalized retreat, the food itself is part of the shared experience of soulful artistry. You may elect to include a detox/cleanse as part of your retreat if you wish as well.

Massage, yoga, or other special healing treatments are available as extra and by advance schedule. Most find that the array of work here is so profoundly restorative that a massage is not only unnecessary but takes up time they prefer to use in other ways. But that's, of course, up to you.


The private retreat intensives are more than a 3 1/2 day getaway experience; they are designed to offer you the deepest realization of your life-long path. Each private vision quest retreat includes home preparation suggestions and personalized connection with Ronda in advance of the retreat that begin to "stir the inner processes of Soul." Each retreat also offers several supportive options for "keeping the insights alive and growing" upon returning home.

For many (I really dare say all so far), this enchanted personal retreat experience provides a rather stunning "aha breakthrough realization" of one's deepest life essence and calling... one that becomes "the journey of a lifetime" to fully embody and live to its fullest creative celebration of YOU! You will go home knowing that your spiritual life isn't separate from your daily life.. something more "to find the time to do"... but that your daily life offers the ingredients for spiritual self-realization and artful engaging.

For this reason, I always point out that this retreat is really just the beginning. When you leave this private vision quest experience, the adventure of living your "aha" begins in earnest! I am available to help support the adventure of living your inSight in a number of flexible (and utterly customized) ways upon completion of your retreat and if/as desired. An initial 30-day post retreat follow up is offered as part of this retreat.

Those who come are always meant to be here... it just happens that way. I serve as both spiritual guide and artisan host. This retreat is for those who really want to find, know - and then live - their Truth in the world.

Please see testimonials for some examples of people who, perhaps like you, felt inclined, didn't know why or what to expect, and came to this work and its unique transformational offering. You may also ask to connect with a past retreat person if you feel that is important and once you have made an introductory contact with me.

I also offer Apprenticeship programs for those called to deepen the work of integrating and embodying their retreat realizations. More about Apprenticeships with Ronda.




Solo one-on-one retreats are by advance application and scheduled throughout the year based on availability (can see 2 privates per month only) .Please inquire on the form below to look into this exclusive option -- ALSO! please see my newest and wonderful offering in the box below!*

DATES - year round (usually Tues-Friday) based on advance application and availability. Please inquire (see submit form below)



DATES - year round (weekend and midweek) based on advance application and availability.

ALL INCLUSIVE (less your travel to/from) - *Please see private couples pricing and details here (and contact me to find and schedule a private date)



Based on demand, I am now offering this amazing 3 1/2 day personalized training intensive in a very small intimate group of 3-6 people at specific dates throughout the year. There is a synergy here that accelerates self-seeing breakthrough!! (SEE DATES BELOW AND APPLY EARLY PLEASE! (These retreats are based on 3 person minimum registration 30 days prior to retreat. Refund or reschedule will be offered in the event of not meeting the minimum within 30 days prior.)

DATES (weekend bridge in most cases)

  • January 1-4, 2015 (New Year Cleanse)
  • March 19-22, 2015 (Spring Equinox - Springing to Life)
  • June 13-16, 2015 (Full moon entry to Summer Solstice)
  • September 24-27, 2015 (Fall - The art of the inner Harvest)


NOTE: These private couple and the new intimate personalized retreat shared with 3-5 others offer the same depth of process and training as the personal (solo) one-on-one retreats that have made SoulArts such a popular and sought after retreat... The only difference is you will be sharing the process with a partner (private couple) or 2-5 others who will gift you with synergy! Highly recommended retreat. I have worked to offer this as a way of serving more people and reducing the price so more can experience this life changing process while keeping the same personalized, in-residence artisan home offering. UTTERLY unique!


- ronda

Here's What You Will Receive...
...Only Much MORE, Because it Will Be All About YOU!
(whether you are scheduling a private solo retreat or applying to attend one of the small intimate retreat dates above)

  • completely private one-on-one apprenticeship retreat with Ronda LaRue in her lovely, private, artisan home sanctuary. You invited as a special guest.
  • approx. 12+ private session hours with Ronda (including 2 each day during the retreat with pre-retreat prep and 30-day post retreat follow up included) (NOTE: The Small Group 3 1/2 Day Option will have sessions in small group and include more group activities and opportunities)
  • private retreat accommodations with gourmet "healthy decadent" meals served  
  • unlimited use of spa, art studio, meditation hut, health library, yoga studio (with access to hundreds of yoga, qi gong, and other healing teacher practices available online 24/7); healing technologies; call in (and drop in) massage spa opportunities; counsel in detox, cleanse and lifestyle changes...and more
  • special life declaring ceremony and spontaneous 24/7 dedicated soul tending
  • both weekend and midweek with extended stay or early arrival options
  • totally private mentoring retreat dedicated to your self-realization... and then to living it! (30-day follow up integration by e-mail included with each retreat as well as discount invitation to future group retreats, qualified to apply for the 2-year advanced mystery school training program, and invitation to participate in any online support programs.
  • Prices subject to change. Inquire about Small Group In-Residence Retreats and home forum course work. (Travel to/from retreat not included nor reimbursed if retreat is cancelled)

    The new Intimate Personalized 3 1/2 day retreats mostly bridge a weekend. The solo one-on-one retreats are normally Tuesday-Friday so that a weekend can bridge preparation and re-entry.

    Occasionally I will have an immediate opening but normally please plan 2+ months in advance for the private solo retreats. We will begin with some home processes as soon as your retreat is scheduled - so a process begins with "yes"!


I encourage you to read my many free contemplative articles and listen to an audio meditation and/or watch a video. In particular, it'd be great to read the article series on working with a spiritual mentor. Notice your body and listen to your heart as you READ WATCH LISTEN.

If you feel that "still small voice" nudging you (maybe even surprising you) to even consider gifting yourself with an act of Self-Discovery by way of an individualized retreat with me, please do STEP BOLDLY (or even timidly) FORTH!!... and INTRODUCE YOURSELF.

Once you have introduced yourself and we've personally connected by e-mail (see Inquiry form below) and the decision is made to apply for your own private transformational retreat or small group retreat, we will settle on a date and begin with some home preparation.

A very important self-awakening, soul-stirring process has already begun the moment you make even that one step of Inquiry and Self-Introduction. It is a way of honoring the voice of soul that so often gets overrun by the tactics and fears of the mind. That one act starts a process of coming Home to yourself.

Too, your Self-Introduction will help you and me to already be acquainted and much will already have begun even prior to your arriving! This gives your actual arrival a fun kind of "reunion" feeling, and provides an instant comfortable "at home" feeling to your arrival. This private mentoring and special offering is much deeper than "just signing up for a retreat or a spa."

SPECIAL NOTE: Please see my Calendar for other upcoming Events, Larger Group Retreats and offerings!



I give those who are drawn here my full depth of spiritual apprenticeship and creative attention, and so I have come to request a short self-introduction from you, as an initial application of interest on your part, and from which I will be able to respond more deeply to your questions and interests.

Because I provide this very uniquely personalized in-residence work from my private artisan home -- and because of the depth of work that we do together -- I am limited in the number of private retreat clients I see each year. This means that the work we will do and the relationship we create together is very sacred to me.

As a courtesy to this rare depth process, I would like you to share a little about yourself and your calling to this process together.

TO INQUIRE: Simply submit your Retreat Inquiry (below), and you will immediately be routed to a Self Introduction Form that you can either complete and submit right now, or save and e-mail or mail to me.

You will also receive a copy of the self-introduction questionnaire by e-mail in case you want to read, reflect and respond at your leisure by e-mail (Check your spam box if you don't see my e-mail and unblock or "white list" e-mails from, and

I will never share your name and submitting does not obligate you in anyway.

If you prefer to e-mail me directly instead that is fine too, though my response time will likely be slowed and I will still wish to ask you these questions to determine the most appropriate reply.

ronda larue author teacher spiritual awakening soul arts best retreat us ojai california



Please Introduce Yourself!

By submitting this inquiry form you will receive a very short Free Self-Introduction Questionnaire that will help me best respond to you.

...And the short set of self-reflective questions you will receive by submitting your name below are very interesting in and of themselves...

I look forward to receiving and replying to your self-reflections very soon!

Ronda LaRue


PS If interested in one of the Intimate SoulArts Salon Retreats with 2-5 Others, please indicate this when you reply to the self-introduction form you will be sending me.


"I don't know of any other place where you can go for a few days to be alone and feel so completely safe and at home while being fed nourishing food for the body, mind and creative spirit... all the while being gently and artfully guided in the craft of living from one's deepest truth! - Dr Jody McKinney

This place and Ronda's amazingly powerful abilities in the applied spiritual living arts is a true miracle for those seeking to know and live from their highest authenticity" - Nikki Nickerson, Multi-Business Entrepreneur

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