Ojai Soul Arts offers private spiritual retreats
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The Private SoulArts Personal Healing & Awakening Retreat Intensive

Come find out for yourself: that there is no greater journey than your own...

The SoulArts Process of Awakening using every day real life, is an elegantly simple self-healing process developed by author healer, Ronda LaRue, M.S., over the course of her own life long depth study, struggles, healing, and self-realizations.

This private solo one-on-one guided retreat is where SoulArts retreats began, and it is the spiritual retreat that has earned this creative and unique self-healing training program in Ojai California, the ranking of one of the top spiritual retreats worldwide.

A full-in depth training and turbo breakthrough technology suitable for those ready to dive in fully -and stay in fully (By inquiry and application).


1) EXPLORE this website...(Ronda's Welcome, Spiritual Teachings; SoulArts Youtube Channel ...There is so much information available here. And then, it's YOUR turn...

2) WITNESS your HEART (as well as the "Fear-Stops" of your Mind)

3) If you feel a CURIOUS INCLINATION, then DARE to INQUIRE about this 3-Night completely private apprenticeship with Ronda. Once you have submitted your INQUIRY, I will send you an automatic e-mail including the details of attending this retreat: arrival/departure, accommodations, meals, pricing, and an invitation to submit your "Self-Introduction" to me if you feel called to working with me. This will enable me to connect and reply to you more personally - and together decide if this is the right time and place for you. I look forward to receiving your inquiry and to working with you if/when the time is right!

Who is the Private One-on-One Guided Retreat best suited for?

This is really a question best answered by you. However, I will say that the Private Individual Exclusive is intended for those who are deeply called to the SoulArts work and with working with me specifically; for those who strongly prefer to be on their own with lots of alone time, no "people distractions", and who wish to work completely privately, having my full attention on you and your process.

This is a 100% totally private one-on-one guided personal self-healing and spiritual awakening intensive retreat with ronda for those seeking to deeply change their life, heal their heart, and go home knowing how to follow the language of their soul -- for the rest of life. (Very seriously.)

Working personally with Ronda and her SoulArts Process gets right to your "blind spots" and shadows - and then offers a creative tool for playfully and powerfully unblocking you while making you more and more aware of the intelligence and language of your own soul...

The miracle of finding and value in working with a true teacher at particular times in life is that he/she will have the gift of shining a light on the stumbling stuck spots and subconscious patterns that are obscuring your true freedom and path. It is not a "fix" that she hands out, but rather, a witnessed "seeing and honoring harvesting together" - a ceremony of entering fully - that provides this alchemical transformation and breakthrough.

This is a radically different understanding and orientation from traditional "talk therapy" --- and where and why working with a spiritual teacher can be a life-saving breakthrough for those called to the art of the mystic (i.e., one who wishes to find his/her own direct relationship understanding self healing and to expressing that which is sacred to them in life. (I recommmend John Welwood's book: "Toward a Psychology of Awakening" for those with a scholarly curious interest in this distinction between psychotherapy counseling and spritual mentoring and healing work.)

I have had the honor of working with many women and men who are themselves spiritual guides, healers, and psychologists. Life just "stucks us" at times. No matter what the gained wisdom, we all have another next "awakening" and opening that may require a good mentor-mirror (inwardly silent teacher/guide) to help traverse the stuck blind spots: A mentor who can reflect and shine a light on both the hidden blocks and the genius within your next evolving awareness... This process never ends. There is no "THERE" AWAKENED finish line! (Hence by book is called "ReMembering - not ENLIGHTENED.

This is a very unique relationship. I encourage all to read my series on working with a spiritual teacher, as well as watching my videos on YouTube Channel -- and observe your own heart-felt sense as you do.

But be forewarned: We can stay caught talking about and reading about spiritual awakening -- for years-- and never really "get it"! Awakening cannot be figured out by the mind...

The only way to awaken and make a quantum self-healing next leap in life is to directly experience this inner language of your soul - and to learn the honoring art of following this inner truth over the ceaseless control antics of the fear-driven mindset. ...And that's exactly what I help you do.





"The SoulArts process I teach and entrain is truly a unique teaching, and not one that I know to exist in this form anywhere else."

"There are many paths up the mountain to enlightenment (as they say in the interfaith world). And indeed , there are. I doubt there are many modalities I've not studied or tried myself (and many I do incorporate) in my own healing as well as in this very unique awakening process for which I've become known."

"What sets these personalized and private retreat processes apart, is that they are uniquely and fully ALL ABOUT YOU. Not only that, these private and personalized retreat offerings are held at my own private artisan home, where we live and work together using the real life issues that brought you here as the trail head to your own direct insight, awakening, and gift of purpose that comes through that doorway when it is rightly seen and understood... and it's Fun (in a very meaningful way!) Can't wait to show you to your own freedom...


spiritual author teacher dark night of soul shaman healer guide ronda larue

"I'm so truly blessed to have witnessed hundreds upon hundreds of live's changed by coming here to learn this process. And it is my privilege to offer it to you, if you are indeed ready and called to this self-responsible, artful awakening. There's only one price you have to be willing to pay to breakthrough -and it's not the $$! ... see if you can inwardly see and realize what it is... '-)

The Next Step is Up To YOU: Submit Inquiry Request above and you will receive more details about this healing retreat with Ronda.

-ronda larue

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