Ojai Soul Arts offers private spiritual retreats
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The Art of Breakthrough

~ Personal Retreat & Depth Process with Ronda ~

A 3-Night Direct Experience of Self-Healing & Spiritual Awakening - IN ACTION


I believe that this is one of the most powerful retreat experiences available today. I also believe that it can be the last workshop or outside seeking you'll ever need to take. It is a direct experience awakening for those who are ready....

If you are seeking a very real, very grounded, very mature, and elegantly playful self-healing life-redirecting breakthrough, please inquire about attending the next 3-day "Art of Breakthrough SoulArts" Personal Retreat Intensive.

Short Video to give you a feel for this unique retreat... Ronda compares the Private SOLO to the Small Group

I know of no more powerful way to bring someone to a lasting life healing change than by sharing the resources here at my private home in a very real-life 3-day SoulArts Process.

Come find out for yourself: that there is no greater journey than your own...

I am so in love with how beaming shocked and surprised people are when that moment of "aha breakthrough" occurs!

And I love love love this very intimate sharing with only a handful of women - eaching coming to do their own inner healing, and then finding that they gained so much more in this powerhouse 3-nighter than they ever expected, knew existed, or thought possible! That's one big CHARGE of love in action...

I've come to realize that I offer something hard to find in the glut of all the people places and things we must weed through in our information-overloaded stary-eyed, easily marketed world today. Here's what I DON'T offer you:

I don't offer you a belief or an agenda or some new age dogma. I don't offer more analysis paralysis or "prop me ups" or a showy-shamanism. I'm pretty "down home real" in my spirituality. I don't do the circuit. I don't hob-nob... Hell, I don't want a big audience. I want truth. I adore that single moment of life-lasting profound breakthrough. I have a gift for leading you to yours.

So simply: What I offer you - IS YOU! ...Your own direct personalized "aha" experience of awakening to the language and innate wisdom of your soul... and a delightfully amusing way I will show you for forever catching those tricky trappings of that fear-driven noisey mind that has kept you from seeing and claiming the surprising gift that waits just inside whatever wound or life circumstance currently ails you! Truth.

I am routinely told that my process far surpasses - in 3 nights - many years of talk therapy and other work people have done with teachers gurus, healers and books. I also know why this is so too! But there are truly no words that could explain it - Only a direct personal experience can show you to your own inner truth and way...

I can confidently say this: You will leave this retreat with a fundamentally new understanding about life and the artful tools for following your own soul's path. That is my pledge.

I work with those who feel called and ask to work with me. It is a unique and very special kind of relationship offered in the old tradition of personal apprenticeship and guided direct experience.

I encourage you to read more about working with a spiritual teacher here - as well as finding much more about my spiritual teachings and unique SoulArts Process of Awakening here on my YouTube Channel.

  • If you would like my help in deciding if this is right for you, please provide a SELF-INTRODUCTION so I may connect and reply personally.
  • If you are looking for answers OUTSIDE of yourself or want your troubles to just go away without harvesting the insight, then this retreat would not be right for you at this time.




    • May 25-28, 2017
    • July 27-30, 2017
    • October 5-8, 2017


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