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For Women - "The Art of Breakthrough"

A 3-Night SoulArts Personal Training In-Residence Retreat with Ronda

For those called to a life-changing experience of their own inner wisdom - in action!

NEXT DATES (Inquiry/Apply Early! - Only 6 Women at Each Retreat)

          • February 15-18 2018 ~ Love Yourself Valentine!
            • Women's Self-Love New Year Special Price and Special "Cleanse" that includes Cho

          • March 15-18 2018 ~ Spring Clearing & Healing from Grief
          • May 24-27 2018 ~ Healing Release and New Insight
          • June 28-July 1 2018 ~ Awakening the Igniting the Creative Spark Within
          • September 27-30 2018 ~ Falling into Grace
          • November 8-11 2018 ~ Shadowplay: The Light Within Dark (maskmaking ceremony will likely take place here!)

          * Note: The names with each date merely put a bit of flavor to each season. Your personal doorway is the leading charge in your unique process with Ronda. Each retreat above explores "The Art of Breakthrough" and leads you into a perceptual awakening and creative direct experience applying Ronda's unique living meditation soularts teaching and take home tools to the issues and circumstances in your life.

I believe that this is one of the most powerful retreat experiences available today.

I also know that it can be the last workshop or outside seeking you'll ever need to take...

This unique 3-night personal retreat in-residence at my private home in Ojai, California is a direct experience of the SoulArts Living Meditation Practice(TM) - a spiritual realization breakthrough and elegantly simple take-home practice you will fall in love with: It's elegantly simple, reverently playful, and designed to be truly life-transforming to your life - for good (because it's a process that is all yours)!

This spiritual teaching I call SoulArts and The Art of Breakthrough 3 Day in-residence workshop I have developed over a lifetime of integrated depth mind/body/spiritual study. I have now taught this uniquely creative living meditation process of awakening to many hundreds of people worldwide. It is my greatest honor to share this unique spiritual teaching and show you just how amazing is the intelligence of your own soul!

I am routinely told that my process - in 3 nights - far surpasses people have tried from many many years of talk therapy and other work done with teachers, gurus, healers and through books. I know why this is so. But there are truly no words that could explain it - Only a direct personal experience can show you to your own inner truth and way...

I can confidently say to you this:

In these 3-Night in-residence intensives, I literally take you into your own personal self-healing and awakening journey... And you will come out of it, an artist of your life - for the rest of your life if you choose to follow. That simple. That profound.

You will leave this retreat with a fundamentally new understanding about the meaning of life and with your own way of using the artful tools for following your soul's path. This is my pledge to all who are ready to breakthrough.

I invite you to inquire by submitting your request for more info below. Once you do, you will immeidately be re-directed to a page with full details, pricing, and how to apply by offering a "self-introduction' so that you and I may personally connect. (Don't be shy. Your Soul's truth is one beautiful awakening!)


Arrival: Thursday 2-5pm for 6pm Start @ Ronda's Center for SoulArts Private Home Sanctuary in Ojai, CA

Friday & Saturday: Ongoing Depth Experiencial Intensive Processes - 24/7 - Several hour Morning and Afternoon Depth Sessions with Ronda in sacred circle; Ongoing Personal Guided Self-Study Experiential Work by you in Preparation of Each Progressive Session of Training/Breakthrough. You will be in a deep process with yourself throughout. Expect to be intent, delighted by the mystery and yet very rejuvenated and relieved too.

Sunday Departure: About 12noon after morning sessions

Program will Incude: Meals, Overnight work, use of Spa (sauna and hot tub) Art Studio Work, Fire Pits, Meditation, Music, Possible "Field Trips", and Full Guided Personalized Training from Ronda with Take Home Plan.

Because of the progressive in-residence nature of this special retreat, it will feel like a LOT MORE than 3 nights. You'll be truly amazed what can transform and alight in the right condition of soul!


PRICE IS VALUE DESIGNED: This unique SoulArts personal depth training in-residence intensive with Ronda LaRue is approx $275/Day for personalized training experiential (similar to the SOLO private but shared with only 3-5 others which actually speeds and empowers the process greatly!) plus a low boarding and supplies fee 3 nights (See full info by submitting your email form below to redirect you to the details and registration page.)

Because of the highly personalized nature of this special training in-residence program, I will ask for your "Self-Introduction" and a life bio prior to attending this retreat (and to help you and I consider together if this is the right timing for you). You will receive the Self-Introduction set of questions once you request more info below. I understand and honor the personal nature of such a process and so this gives us a start at connecting.

(RETREAT WORKSHOP DETAILS HERE: Simply submit your email on the form below right to receive more info and so that I may personally respond to any questions and offer you a short self-introduction set of questions.)


healing grief counseling shamanism training retreat and spa in ojai california january march september November 2015
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Come Find Out, For Yourself, That There's No Greater Journey Than Your Own...

I work with those who feel called and request more information. This way I am able to help "listen in" and answer any questions as we decide if this is the right time.

The way I work is highly grounded in personal direct experience offered in the ancient tradition of personal apprenticeship and guided mirroring.

If you think you may feel called to request attending a retreat workshop with me, then

  • If you would like my help in deciding, if you'd like to know the details or if you already know you are ready to apply to attend, then I invite you to: "Feel the fear...the intrigue...the calling ...and just do it... by: SUBMITING YOUR REQUEST FOR REGISTRATION DETAILS HERE.
  • I await hearing from you and will look forward to the blessing of shining a light on your path as teacher, mirror and guide...

Ronda LaRue, M.S., D.D.




Short Video to give you a feel for this unique retreat... Ronda compares the Private SOLO to the Small Group

I know of no more powerful way to bring someone to a lasting life healing change than by sharing the resources here at my private home in a very real-life 3-day SoulArts Process.


Look at this with me:

  • We all share a few things in common: One is that life - as beautiful and awesome as it can be - sometimes just "takes us down!" and we find ourselves stuck, disheartened, at the end of our rope, fearful, hopeless.
  • We share in common that each of us will face many difficult and unexpected circumstances in our lives. Some more so, but we each will experience suffering.
  • We also share in common that we each have subconscious old beliefs or core wounds that seem to crop up in various self-destructive repetitive thoughts, actions, relationships, beliefs that keep glomming (technical term) onto us, unwanted!
  • Simply: We share in common that each of us (no matter "how evolved" or studied) will come up against places where we find ourselves utterly stuck in a mind-mine (like a land-mine).

The magic key here in all this suffering is this: just as we all share these things in common, we also share an innate capacity for the universal art of conscious breakthrough. This consciousness-changing art applies to everybody and every circumstance. Learn to live from that art (especially in the midst of being stuck) and you will not only start to understand self-healing and wholeness and all those spiritual books you read, but you will have learned how to move through the challenges of life ...for the rest of your life - including the next time you find yourself stuck or disheartened!

That's why I offer these retreats.

Some call what I guide you to experience: "spiritual awakening, or enlightenment, or True Self, or the Power of Now'. I call it ReMembering Who You Really Are. In these 3-Night in-residence intensives, I literally take you into your own personal self-healing and awakening journey... And you will come out of it, an artist of your life - for the rest of your life.

People come to me during their hardest times in life: some with despair and grief over the death or loss of a loved one; some feeling utterly caught up in repeated stories, situations, or early wounding experiences; still others who cannot stop the negative self-talk and endless mind-chatter of a mind on overdrive with the busy-ness of life; some looking for peace, self-love, meaningful purpose; each hoping to gain the clarity to finally break free.

Suffering is real. I never belittle it. What I do offer though, is a unique way of using that suffering place (instead of being used by it) to help unwind the old subconscious blocks and beliefs that keep you from the inner wisdom it will take to meet life's challenges from a place of peace, power, and evolving true life purpose.

In short, I show you how to find the gift of True Self hidden within the wound you currently face: I give you your own very direct experience of a self-healing spiritual awakening and perceptual breakthrough. Seriously (Although we do laugh a lot in the process too.)

Many who come to work with me have tried talk therapy, meditation, workshops and retreats with many of today's top spiritual teachers. But here's what I know - And here's why I only offer this unique work as a personal guided journey:

You or I will never find the answer or relief we seek so long as it is only the analytic thinking mind that is doing the seeking!

Echart Tolle talks about "the power of now". Byron Katie about "who you'd be without your story". Adyashanti spars with the frustrated mind of his student while beaming them with the energetic of a soul's deep seeing. (I love Adja). These are all 3 great teachers. These are true teachings ...But their modality of teaching limits the few who will ever find any lasting relief. Why? Because the master teacher is speaking from a realized soul's language while trying to explain it to the trapped analytic mind of a seeker.

You cannot go to a retreat, satsang, seminar or workshop with a true spiritual teacher (of which there are relatively few to begin with!) and merely sit there "trying to get it with the mind". The mind consciousness (instrument) cannot fix what the mind itself is causing!

It does little lasting good (and a whole lot of continuing bad) to engage the analytic mind-self into trying to figure out how to get free from (ugh) itself! (Haven't we all seen this kind of (pardon the language) mental and circular mind-F?)

My unique SoulArts approach is different from other teachers, therapists and guides.

I offer a personal experiential journey that is designed to help you set aside the mind's incessant need for solutions - long enough - to actually make that quantum leap and perceptual awakening breakthrough into a whole new level of self-awareness.

When this occurs (and it does!) you will know the sense of love and clarity that comes from the only place where true lasting healing and insight dwells... And that is a self-artistry that you will never forget!

No matter what pain or struggle might call you to this retreat: the death of a loved one; grief from divorce or separation; old wounds that keep you stuck; loss of meaning or direction; a spiritual awakening crisis - what I know after years of offering this ground-breaking work to hundreds of people from all circumstances in life, is that it is a huge relief and wonderful surprise when a person comes here, fearful and unsure, and discovers just how simple it is to truly see and break free!

Your circumstance may not change overnight, but the way of being with it and using it to heal your heart and set you on your true path is the only true and lasting "real" I know! That is what spiritual awareness really is. That is what awakening is. That is what life as meditation is. And that is what living your life as art is...

Those who have not worked with a spiritual teacher and who come seeking healing and life direction with specific struggles, stories or issues are just as available to this breakthrough as those who have "done it all" and worked with many teachers. The difference here is that I show you what spiritual teachers and master healers are all talking about by having you experience it directly within yourself!

In your process with me we use your story/ your very real struggles, questions and circumstances as "worthy teachers" who hold the key and gift of a new level of intelligent awareness for setting you free.


Part III - Home Interview - a 5-minute discussion centering on:"What keeps us stuck from realizing our true nature....and reflections of this life work"



Your Life is Your Art! - Reflections on this Process

Life at a Crossroads


healing grief counseling shamanism training retreat and spa in ojai california january march september November 2015
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