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Ojai Soul Arts offers private spiritual retreats and vacatins for self discovery, healing, and self realization
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Welcome to that which has magically brought you here at this moment! It is always with a sense of great awe that I connect here with those called to this special work and to their very own depths of soul!

I hope you will make the time to "meander" through this site as well as all the many free resources and readings at my larger main Web site... and as you do, please "listen in" to your own heart, and see what stirs and calls to you. That is the pathway.

Virtually all who find their way here have never met me, have not read my books prior to coming, but say that they just felt a surprising sense that this was the place to come... and they honored that intuition!

To those who feel drawn to this unusual, privately-guided mentoring and artisan spa retreat, I welcome you.

It is my deepest, personal privilege to serve as mentor, guide and host in the mysterious and sacred alchemy that invariably takes place when you come to give yourself "time out" to go within. It is in this process that you can breakthrough to remembering the innate wholeness and creative genius that you are!

What more important investment is there than one made to discovering and living one's own truth and freedom of being?

Ojai SoulArts, and my life work, is dedicated to seeing and freeing the Wild Divine Dance between you and Universal Presence (called by many names: God, Source, Spirit, The Beloved, True Self). It is an inner training in the soul arts of being vibrantly awake and radically alive and to living your truth. - And its actually engagingly enjoyable (really!)

Something truly extraordinary

A non-denominational, modern-day version of the ancient one-on-one, focused apprenticeship for entraining the alchemy of healing insight, clarity of purpose, and direct spiritual realization...

...alongside a blending of contemporary skills, spontaneous creativity, and new technologies for facilitating physical healing;personal growth and transformation; spiritual awakening; and real world integration of living artistry!

ronda larue spiritual teacher soul arts awakening retreat and spa in Ojai California
Ronda LaRue, M.S., (D.D.) in Ojai CA

A Unique Highly Personalized Self-Realizing Retreat Experience...

I don't work like most "spiritual teachers" or life coaches.

I do not "teach a system" or offer "empowerment Band-Aids" or position myself as "the guru holding your answers."

My life work is wholly dedicated to helping you to discover – within yourself - the language of Soul where the only real transformation can, will, and does occur.

I teach this way because I have learned that it is real; it is lasting; it is YOURS!

...And I also do not use any Stock photos - all images are true to this work (so please pardon some of the older lower resolution videos for what they are intended to offer you)

Blessings on your journey of wholeness and love!



Part I of III Home Interview (10 minutes) Ronda shares her unique personal retreat process for healing and self-realization.

Did you know that the primary reason intellectual understanding and conscious efforts to change something in our lives so often meets with limited success, is due to the fact that the vast majority of our behaviors do not come from our conscious mind?

Neuroscientists have shown that the conscious mind provides 5% (or merely1% more commonly) of our conscious activity during the day, 

The real landlord of our behaviors, beliefs, judgments, self-talk, cravings, etc., is housed in our unconscious mind where the conscious mind does not have the key.


Part II of III - Home Interview - a 5-minute question -comparison to Echardt Tolle, Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Wayne Dyer, etc.

The conscious mind cannot control or fix something it’s not even conscious of: It’s the wrong tool. What's the right tool?  SoulArts - The art of working with the language of soul, the subconscious and collective unconscious mind in a creative form of dialogue and activation that naturally and alchemically offers the space for spontaneous healing  and awakening.

As one lovely woman here on a private mentoring retreat from Canada exclaimed after our second session last week:

"Oh, Ronda, it is SO simple... and yet we make it so impossible!"

Precisely! The mind, with it's problem-solving methods and approaches, is not the tool or the path to one's real Truth! One's listening, reverent artistry in action... is!

Part III - Home Interview - a 5-minute discussion centering on:"What keeps us stuck from realizing our true nature....and reflections of this life work"

In our mentoring work together, I merely usher you well onto the path of your own inner seeing and creative playfulness with Soul, from which your Divinity leads the way very naturally and magically! It is a great creativity we share and express! It is freedom in action.

If you feel called to be here (and it may feel like a twittery intrigue sensation more than an obvious robust, "Yes"), then I invite you to Introduce yourself and we'll connect and see about making arrangements.

May your mind quiet, your inner listening open, and therein may you discover the wellspring of your True Source and artistry of Being!"

"I See You!"

Ronda LaRue, Ojai, California
Ojai Soul Arts - Guided Personal Retreats & Apprenticeships

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I offer you this by way of attuning to your own inner knowing:

You already know deep inside (although possibly a little bit hidden under old scars, habits, fears and daily obligations at the moment) who you truly are, and what is longing to emerge in your life. It is that which your heart senses and longs for in moments of sadness, or deep joy, or quiet reverence.

This inner knowing is actually more of a "fragrance" than a "specific answer or direction." This is because your longing is actually calling you to the maturing responsibility of stepping into your whole Self. It is calling you to the radical awareness of becoming vibrantly alive, courageously alive, so alive that you no longer remain blinded and caught in the seductions of fear and repetitive rational excuse.

Inner angst, confusion, and feelings of emptiness is actually our hearts calling us toward the courageous adventure of being fully alive. When life calls you to grow and to change, as it does for each of us, we initially feel this Call to our greater potential as "growing pains."

Once this threshold of longing is deeply honored, the former blocks and impediments simply dissolve into a recognition of their past-serving purpose and they can be given their timely "retirement" (or "honorable discharge" as I often call it).

When you have truly committed to facing (with "eyes wide open") the changing dynamics of life, and when you meet your own life circumstances with the character of a master artisan picking up the materials of his or her work of art in the making, then nothing can any longer hold or limit your freedom, your peace, your joy, or your own unique and holy spark!

The work we do together is the journey of a lifetime! It is the work of an artist making love with the materials of his or her life...

Center for SoulArts - is the enchanting private Ojai, California artisan sanctuary of author, spiritual guide and mentor, Ronda LaRue, M.S. (along with her life partner, Mattawe Clements, their two dog companions, Jasmine and Charm; the birds and the bees, and the magnificent California Life Oak trees).

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