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A very important self-awakening, soul-stirring process has already begun the moment you make even that one step of Inquiry and Self-Introduction. It is a way of honoring the voice of soul that so often gets overrun by the tactics and fears of the mind. That one act starts a process of coming Home to yourself.

Too, your Self-Introduction will help you and me to already be acquainted and much will already have begun even prior to your arriving! This gives your actual arrival a fun kind of "reunion" feeling, and provides an instant comfortable "at home" feeling to your arrival. This private mentoring and special offering is much deeper than "just signing up for a retreat or a spa."

Once you have introduced yourself and we've personally connected by e-mail (see Inquiry form below) and the decision is made to apply for your own private transformational retreat or small group retreat, we will settle on a date and begin with some home preparation.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please see my Calendar for other upcoming Events, Larger Group Retreats and offerings!


I request that you make a Self-Introduction as part of Requesting a Personalized Retreat with me so that I am able to more deeply respond to your questions, interests, and unique needs - and to be sure this is the right retreat for you at this time.


Because I provide this very uniquely personalized in-residence work from my private artisan home - and because of the depth of work that we do together - I am limited in the number of private retreat clients I see each year. This means that the work we will do and the relationship we create together is very sacred to me.

In honoring this rare depth process, I would like you to share a little about yourself and your calling to this process together.

TO INQUIRE: Simply submit your Retreat Inquiry (below), and you will immediately be routed to a Self Introduction Form that you can either complete and submit right now, or save and e-mail or mail to me.

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Please Introduce Yourself!

By submitting this inquiry form you will receive a very short Free Self-Introduction Questionnaire that will help me best respond to you.

...And the short set of self-reflective questions you will receive by submitting your name below are very interesting in and of themselves...

I look forward to receiving and replying to your self-reflections very soon!

Ronda LaRue


PS If interested in one of the SoulArts Synergy Retreat dates (small group retreat), please indicate this when you reply to the self-introduction form you will be sending me.

"I don't know of any other place where you can go for a few days to be alone and feel so completely safe and at home while being fed nourishing food for the body, mind and creative spirit... all the while being gently and artfully guided in the craft of living from one's deepest truth! - Dr Jody McKinney

This place and Ronda's amazingly powerful abilities in the applied spiritual living arts is a true miracle for those seeking to know and live from their highest authenticity" - Nikki Nickerson, Multi-Business Entrepreneur

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