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The Midlife Call Retreat...

3 1/2 Day Small Group In-Residence Retreat Intensives with Author/Mentor Ronda LaRue

~ ~ ~

"Words can not describe the profound impact of my retreat with Ronda LaRue of Soul Arts, Ojai.

How can you describe:

-at 67 being gripped with the fear of dying before having a chance to live, finally feeling really alive for the first time.

How can you describe witnessing:

-a phenomenal healer who has helped hundreds heal from diseases such as cancer, yet frustrated with her life long quest to heal her very own soul, realize that she doesn’t need to be fixed or healed.

How can you describe witnessing:

-a gentle woman, who so profoundly yearns for the love of a deceased family member, that suicide is attempted to join him, now finds herself embraced by a self love that overshadows anything possible to obtain from the outside.

How can you describe witnessing:

-a woman driven with such intensity that she fears wounding those she loves, embracing the strength of that intensity and softening the edges so that it nurtures herself and those she loves.

How did these miraculous transformations occur? Did they take months or years? No, just a day or 2 and sometimes just minutes. Were there tears? Yes. Was there pain? Some, but there was no gut wrenching reliving of past traumas so common in traditional “therapy”. No one was re-traumatized by the use of the current "psychological treatment
du jour”.

So how did these changes come about? They came with the guidance of a Master teacher, Ronda La Rue. And guess what? This Master was not wearing white robes or sitting on a throne of pillows. We didn’t have to “OM” it in or invoke healing from the angels or our spirit guides. We didn’t have to fast in the desert or meditate on a mountain top. With Ronda’s help we were able to look within and see ourselves as never before.

We looked, we saw, and loved what we saw!

What was different about Ronda’s guidance and that of other retreat leaders I have experienced? She wasn’t up there and the followers down there. She was us and we were her. Ronda is beautiful, caring, vulnerable, proud, humble, gentle, blunt, wise, childlike, serious and playful and a Master teacher as well. How neat is that?

To me, one qualifies as a Master teacher when their students no longer need look to the teacher for answers but can find the answers within themselves. That is what I am able to do after this retreat. Does that mean I will never do another retreat with Ronda since I can look to myself for answers? Absolutely not!! You do some things just because they feel good. I will attend other retreats, not because I am dying inside but because I again want to feel the safety and unconditional love that I experienced in Ronda’s gentle care.

I want to “Pay It Forward” by sharing this intimate experience with the hope that others may be guided to one of Ronda’s retreats."


Carol Bales

~ ~ ~

Truly magnificent, life changing and awe-inspiring. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

- C.G

~ ~ ~



See short youtube video one retreat woman, Carol, created to honor this experience...

Ojai Soul Arts September Midlife Retreat: Soul Sisters

Video Gift: Carol Bales
Music:: Amazing Grace (Prayer to the Whales).
Artist: Cecilia
Album: Voice of Feminine Spirit

Note from Ronda:

Look at these beautiful faces! These 11 women met with me in Ojai, after 6+ weeks of home preparation for a 3 1/2 day small in-residence retreat called THE MIDLIFE CALL. 

For 4 nights we lived together and shared the inner hero's journey of facing our pains and struggles and difficult life questions from a new place of non-judgmental play and honoring artistry.

From this artful discovery process, each woman found a gem: her heart's own true genius and  "the sacred thread" to follow within herself in the art of living her unique life purpose!
Midlife calls us to, the realization that our divinity rides on the wave of artfully honoring our own individual humility...

With love and awe (…and special thanks to Carol Bales, who created this video, in celebration and honoring of a heart found holy whole!)

Ronda LaRue,


~ ~ ~

Some of the post-retreat conversations on our OjaiSouSisters Midlife Retreat Network....

I was looking at Cathie's photos....and then saw Carol's letter....and then Ronda's response. (I started crying all over again.) I'm sure several of you are also struggling to put into words the magnitude of our experience. Truly magnificent, life changing and awe-inspiring. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I will remember you all for the rest of my life. And you will always, always be in my heart.

 ~ ~ ~

Wow!   How absolutely wonderful it was to meet every single one of you...such a diverse group, but such a powerful group that blended into one!

Can't thank y'all enough for your warmth, truth, courage, and laughs!   And thank you, Ronda, for guiding us and letting us discover our own truths (however painful they may be) without judgment, and with love.

 ~ ~ ~

Thanks for starting my day off right...I sit down and see all these beautiful faces.  As long as I have y'all, my quest will not end. Thank you for reiterating the truths of our weekend...and ending the video with the green kid!  That little one brings out aha's in me...why I was there.  

~ ~ ~

Dear, sweet sisters;

My feet have barely touched the ground since leaving you on Monday. I prayerfully and graciously acknowledge each of you for the way your unique journeys have collided with mine. I am forever changed because of you and our exponetiality (new word!)

Along with tearful responses to the recognition of self and of you, these past three days have been filled with revelation after revelation .

The video, (god Carol, what a gift! and although there are only twelve of us it had been viewed 45 times as of this morning.) the photos (what an eye), the e-mails, the music CD (that's what I was talking about, Ronda) , have all inspired me to even new heights.

Tell me more! Tell me more! My soul has it all and yet it is insatiable. Humans? Humans! I have never thought to worship humans.

We are who we are (awesome) Because of our stories; not in spite of them!'

Being at a crossroad for several years, I started therapy to target a specific problem. Two years later, I felt the need to get away with other women to work on myself. I did not expect the soulful change I experienced in this retreat with Ronda.

The most awesome aspect of this retreat was learning how to honor myself; the bright parts and the shadows by dialoguing with and questioning them and learned how to talk and listen to my inner reasoning/soul/heart. This inner dialoguing helped me honor who I am and clarified my important work.

Ronda's guidance was clear and directive and given with understanding and wisdom. I feel Ronda is a true Shaman/Guide.

- Paula

~ ~ ~

I am an introvert and at first thought I would prefer working with Ronda alone. The most awesome aspect of the retreat for me was the group. I found so many lessons reflected in each group member. The synergy of the group speeds up and intensifies the soul exploration. The one key thing I discovered is that I need to commit to living! Working with Ronda is easy, natural, joyful, fun, and provocative. I am looking forward to our continuation.

- Joan

~ ~ ~

Amazing! I realized fear was in the driver's seat of my life. Through playing and seeing I am able now to come into wholeness. Ronda gently guides my process through her amazing insights and the work she has created. I've been working with Ronda for the past two years. Ronda is honest, genuine and one of the most loving people I know.

Thank you Ronda for your courage to be who you really are so that we may have the courage to do the same.

- Tracy Huguley

~ ~ ~

This retreat was the most awesome experience. I felt a sense of understanding going through my body as the process of my own self-realizations came to light. By going beyond the pain, I found acceptance by honoring myself and my soul to a place of peace.

I feel empowered. It's so much a part of me now.The artisy of Soul is so beautiful. For me it is allowing acceptance and self-love to move thru my life with a different sense of allowing and awakening to my soulful purpose and wholeness. I was divinely guided and I will never be the same.

With much appreciation and love, Deyana

~ ~ ~


Q: "What was the most auewsom aspect(s) of this retreat?"

A: Over and above my own "seeing" was witnessing another soul set completely free for the first time!

Q: What was the one KEY thing you really learned, discovered or realized during your time here?

A: I realized I want to go deeper in my search for Shamanic (Inner) Wisdom.

Q: What was your experience working with Ronda. How would you describe it?

A: It was even more amazing in group than in private retreat, which was too incredible to put into words. I have never felt so safe and cared for in such a genuine way.

Q: Did this guided retreat met your hopes/expectations?...Are you glad you came?

A: Glad doesn't describe my emotion... I am excited to continue on!

Q: Anything else you'd like to say or suggest to improve/empower the process for others?

A: These retreats are not psychotherapy. There is no abuse of the soul; only sacred guidance from a master teacher.

Q: Please consider sharing from your hreat what this experience has been like for you by way of helping others understand better what this process offiers.

A: Having had a private retreat in June with Ronda, I eagerly came back to the group one in September. My soul was peeking out, testing the waters, wondering if 12 women could come together in harmony. Under Ronda's gentle guidance, we all were able to have at least one "AHA" moment that is truly seeing the sacredness of ourselves. Not by harsh dogma, but by playful questioning and learning to honor what it seen..."the good the bad and the ugly". I came away knowing what "I AM" really means.

Q. Are you willing to be an ocassional conact for prospective clients?

A: Absolutely, anytime.

-Sally van Osch


~ ~ ~

What, for you, was the most awesome aspects(s) of this retreat?

It was really awesome that you shared space with us, cooked for us, and loved us like a family. You truly were in service to our needs. Our faces were not the only ones that had changed by the end of the workshop.

What, for you was the most challenging or difficult aspect(s) of this retreat?

Getting my bag up the steps.

What was the one KEY thing you really learned, discovered or realized during your time here?

That after years, decades actually, of trying to fix myself, there is nothing to fix. There are pearls of wisdom hidden under all those things I thought were broken.

What was your experience of working with Ronda? How would you describe it?

Working with Ronda was like being safely and gently led through a mine field.

Did this retreat meet your hopes/expectations? .... Are you glad you came?

Met and exceeded!

Please consider sharing from your heart what this experience has been like for you by way of helping others understand better what this process offiers.

Ronda is an educated and aware individual who does her own work. None of this "airy fairy" bullshit. Ronda meets you where you live and offers practical guidance no matter what your story is. Ronda's work is empowering in that you will get your own answers at your own pace. You will not be told what you must do nor will your religious beliefs be bled out and converted. Ronda has many talents as a healer/facilitator but the one that sets her apart is her ability to respect and love the human in us all.

You have my permission to use this any way you see fit.

- Mary Gayle


  • Small Group Intensive with informal dialogue times with Ronda during in-residence. Ronda will stay onsite and participate in meals and activities
  • Advance home prep materials and exercises
  • approx. 14+session hours with Ronda
  • very Ojai Artisan retreat w/ gourmet healthy meals
  • special opening night dinner greeting 
  • special life declaring ceremony and Ojai nature visits (spontaneous)
  • follow up opportunities (as community or individually)


"...This place and Ronda's amazingly powerful abilities in the applied spiritual living arts is a true miracle for those seeking to know and live from their highest authenticity"

- Nikki Nickerson, Multi-Business Entrepreneur

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