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  • The "Art of Breakthrough" SoulArts 3 Night Personal Training Retreat Intensive

    • January 28-31, 2016
    • March 3-6, 2016
    • April 28-May 1, 2016
    • August 4-7,2016
    • October 13-16, 2016

    You are invited to join international author and mystic/artist, Ronda LaRue (Remembering Who You Really Are), for a very special 3-day apprenticeship workshop in Ojai California – a mountain community 90 miles north of Los Angeles, world-known as a center for the spiritual healing arts.

    Especially for those experiencing grief, loss, or facing a significant crossroad or life transition and seeking an elegantly profound "take home tool" for following your own unique spiritual path! (These highly personal retreats are limitted to only 4-6 people, by appliacation. More...)

By application (ongoing private dates). Please see details and plan on scheduling 2 or more months in advance for your private one-on-one retreat with Ronda LaRue.


This unique in-residence private couples work has grown to a very high demand - especially for the couples in crisis weekend private intensives.

Please review details on link above with your partner, and then we may schedule a short phone conversation to see if this is right for you. By application and advance scheduling (ongoing private dates).

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Come find out for yourself: that there is no greater journey than your own...

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"Don't listen to me. Listen inside the Silence as you hear my words."-ronda larue

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Short video introduction to the retreats

Dear Artists' of Life

Thank you for the blessing of sharing this completely unanticipated life work I call SoulArts.

I am in love with the playful depth of this unique teaching and its powerful capacity to quickly bring those seeking and suffering into the simple elegance of this perceptual breakthrough!

I am continually amazed at the many life miracles I am gifted to share as teacher/ mentor and guide.

May your New Year be a beacon, leading you ever more fully into the art of self-healing insight and the realization of your life's own path of purpose.

In Deepest Gratitude!

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  • The SoulArts Advanced Apprenticeship Training Program

    "Grad school for the Soul". This is a truly life-changing experience of training and sharing with a intimate group of fellow Soul Arts Apprentices in embodied daily living arts together for 2 years. It WILL change your life!

    For those ready to truly follow their life's own genius. Come find out for yourself: that there is no greater journey than your own...




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    Rated one of the top 10 spiritual retreats in the world by Asia Spa Magazine.

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