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My newest "ART OF BREAKTHROUGH" 3-Night SoulArts Training Retreat Intensives have been a dream of mine for over 8 years... See why!


My lifework as a spiritual guide and teacher has been evolving and growing in ways I never could have imagined nor anticipated when (over 14 years ago now) I found myself writing about my own inner landscape of self-healing and spiritual awakening in the book: "Re-memebering Who You Really Are": Awakening from the Dark Night of Soul.

"Art of Breakthrough" SoulArts Personal Training Retreat and Direct Experience ~ REGISTER EARLY!

- Ojai California (By advance application - space very limited, please register early!)

Take a look - and register NOW for the next "3-Night "Art of Breakthrough" SoulArts In-Residence Training Program! (I only accept 6 into each of these special retreats, so please plan ahead and register now if you'd like to attend the one soon!)

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    • = Personal Retreat & All Inclusive Total (with room/meals/amenities and progressive experiential training and self-healing awakening and take home protocol): only $1,300 (This retreat is normally $1530, and the equivilent Solo pricing is $3,950 this retreat is an outstanding value and will defnitely change your life if you are ready to breakthrough to your true path!)

    • December 3-6, 2015 (Now Closed!)
    • Please register ASAP if you would like to attend January!!)


    • January 28-31, 2016 (New Year Cleanse Special Price Offering!)
    • March 3-6, 2016
    • August 11-14, 2016



PRIVATE COUPLE: Couples Private Healing & Relationship Honoring Intensives

- Ojai, California (Ongoing by advance private request and scheduling.)

Our private couples work has grown to a very high demand - especially for the couples in crisis weekend private intensives. Please review details on link above with your partner, and then we may schedule a short phone conversation to see if this is right for you.

Matt and Ronda dubbed: "The Sony & Cher of Spirituality" by a recent client couple. This video is for a more upbeat retrospective on the work (and fun excuse to hear this old song!) What an amazing blessing are these private couples healing intensives!

ARTICLE: "Marriage Crisis and Affairs of the Heart as a Doorway to Unconditional Love." A bold topic - and I believe a radically powerful one for all couples faced with declining communication or waning commitment who are seeking to consciously honor truth in relationship as a spiritual path of awakening.



PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL: Personal Guided (SOLO) Retreat

- Ojai, California (Ongoing by advance application and private scheduling. New options)

This is the original SoulArts Founding retreat for personal apprenticeship in self-healing arts. There are now several more private options available! Please see details and plan on scheduling 2 or more months in advance for your private one-on-one retreat with Ronda LaRue.



PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL: Money Matters - & The Art of Fully Experiencing Your Life

My husband Matt Clements and I live the SoulArts Process together as well as sharing in the work with couples and the 2-year advanced apprenticeship program. We also work with a small select number of clients who seek a full integration of their life and livelihood (including setting up a personalized "Financial GPS" system for ongoing mind/body/spirit/financial investment for those truly ready for this level of conscious wealth management).

I highlight below, Matt's recent writings as well as an invitation to check-in with him privately should you wish to discuss your financial wealth-building and investment strategies as part of your soulful life work... If he can't help you directly, he will certainly do his best to help offer resources.

YES! Money matters too ...and especially when we put it in service to our True Life Currencies ...So, here's to the art of fully experiencing your life...

Matt Investment Management Facebook view from Ojai California

Mattawe P. Clements, RIA - Clements Investment Management, LLC

ARTICLE: Financial Freedom and the Art of Bonsai Matt P Clements, RIA - Clements Investment Management, LLC

PRIVATE RETREAT OPTIONS AND DETAILS: Vision & Financial Investment Planning Retreat


ADVANCED TRAINING COHORTS: The 2-Year Advanced SoulArts Apprenticeship Program

"Grad school for the Sou"l. This is a truly life-changing experience of training and sharing with a intimate group of fellow Soul Arts Apprentices in embodied daily living arts together for 2 years. For those ready to truly follow their life's own genius.

sou arts 2 year mystery school apprenticeship

Taking Applications Now for next Cohort

(8-12 people together for 2 years)


Come find out for yourself: that there is no greater journey than your own...

ronda larue soul arts facebook page ronda larue youtube video channel soul arts private spiritual retreats and couples counsel free subscriber spiritual meditation e course soul arts

soul arts personal private retreats for women upcoming events and informatiton brochure

NEW SoulArts Shareable/Printable Brochure PDF. (with group retreat dates)

Thank you, in advance, for sharing this information and for being a healing change-agent for one seeking to find his/her way. Your help will ripple to others in ways you'll never know...

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Now, over a decade later, I am amazed at the people I have met and worked with. Amazed for their courage and their call to really take on their own struggles and to find their life's own genius and unique gift.

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Photo/Rendering: Woman at "Art of Breakthrough" SoulArts 3-Night Training Retreat Intensive


This year, the Art of Breakthrough Retreat Intensives came into reality...and I held my first two in-residence workshop retreats. ...They were (and are) LIFE CHANGING for those who attend...

What amazes me most is the depth of pain some people have endured and how a true readiness to learn how to emerge from the struggle opens the doorway to RELIEF, BEAUTY, and JOY (even in people suffering tremendous grief and loss)!

My newest Art of Breakthrough SoulArts Training Retreat is - in my experience - as or more powerful than the private one-on-one spiritual retreats that originally gained SoulArts' reputation as one of the top 10 best spiritual retreats.

This newest SoulArts addition, and 3-night small group retreat allows me to work with more people, and at a lower price offering. This is very helpful as I can no longer keep up with requests for coming to experience the SoulArts Process of Awakening (tm) that I have founded and teach -- and yet I remain committed to the very small personalized in-residence apprenticeship approach to my work and continue to avoid the larger venues or institutional approaches. Its so important to my work that it be grounded and offered in a real-life setting where we share living during the retreat process itself.

One of the most stunning blessings in my lifework is those I meet who come to me in despair or utter loss -- and who (years later) are still in my life, but now, as one who is apprenticing and sharing the SoulArts Process and their own unique gift and path!

It is an immense joy to have those who have come to work with me from a place of confusion, stuckness, or loss, grow in this SoulArts Process of Awakening and come to share with me years later, what it is like to be with people in deep despair and loss as they find and come to this unique SoulArts Doorway of inner healing and wisdom! It makes my own hard inner work more than worth the struggles I've too lived...

This year, two very special women - Sally van Osch and Amy Barkley - each from two previous cohorts of my 2-Year SoulArts Advanced Apprenticeship Program, flew into Ojai long distance, to help me set up (aka clean, scrub, rearrange, shop, menu plan) and then help host and assist at these first two Art of Breakthrough Retreats.

Thank You SALLY & AMY For Your Loving Puja!

soul arts shaman training workshop grief healing retreats in ojai california

Sally van Osch - SoulArts Cohort I

TO SALLY & AMY: I could not have done this work without you here! ...Your personal journeys that brought you to working with me - and now your own emerging gifts and love back to the SoulArts "Familia", is a precious honoring indeed!

yoga sacred rites healing retreat study ojai california

Amy Barkley - SoulArts Cohort II

I am blessed to have you -- and the many other SoulArts Patrons and helpers share in this completely unanticipated life work and transformation.

AND I INVITE YOU ...and look forward to meeting and sharing this awesome self-healing artistry with all those sincerely called to self-love healing and the art of following their life's unique genius!

In Deep Gratitude!


soul arts privare personal guided self love healing retreats and shaman arts with ronda larue in Ojai California north of los angeles

"The Clarity Cabana" -Soul Arts with Ronda LaRue










A Few Articles by Ronda:

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SHARE THE LIGHT! Thank you for taking just a moment to share this information with someone you know who is searching or seeking to overcome real-life challenges; connect with inner wisdom; and discover - for themselves - the art of following life's true genius, meaning and path! Thank you, in advance, for being a healing change-agent for one seeking to find his/her way. Bookmark and Share

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