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Come find out for yourself that there is no greater journey than your own...

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Thank you for the blessing of sharing this completely unanticipated life work I call SoulArts.

I am continually amazed at the many life miracles I am gifted to share as teacher/ mentor and guide.

In Deepest Gratitude,

Ronda LaRue


Then...starting into one



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And Now... entering 60 YIKES!

A Message from Ronda

Drummm Rollll (please):   I turn (an inconceivable) 60 years of age this year...IMPOSSIBLE. What has happened to the time? (Listen up you 40 year olds!!)

In truth I’ve been a bit freaked all year as I have faced this turning 60 marker. Partly it’s in reaction to the cultural stereotype as a woman in our mainstream culture and partly because – it’s just crazy weird!  I feel more like 34 - if not for the hammer to the head realization at 59 at how fast life passes ...and how little (proportionally speaking) remains in this one called mine!

If there is one good thing about turning 60, it is this: I find that I can more and more quickly turbo-leap sufferers and seekers through their fears and mind-traps into a perceptual breakthrough called “spiritual awakening” (or what I call: following the language of Soul and honoring the genius of your True North). 

To the extent I may hold a unique or special gift as spiritual teacher, it is I feel most profoundly due to the extent with which I have never quit openly waiting, watching, listening... while transparently sharing what is seen/perceived from the humility of mistakes and the magnificence of perceptual breakthrough. 

So while I’m still not too keen on the idea of “being in my 60’s”, I feel heartened by my growing capacity to so often save others some of the extra decades of seeking, study, misdirection, immature teachers, creating unnecessary hurt to good relationships, and years of inner struggle with the hidden traps of the conditioned and noisy mind!

Having never anticipated this lifework, and now 20 years after writing my first book and with 2 decades of people trvaeling from all over the world to come find the art of awakening to their own unique pathways of healing and self-realization, I feel humbled and grateful to share this journey together, and to offer you the gifts I have discovered from a lifetime of study, inner listening and opening to the mystery of life.

Blessings of the New Year - and New Moment

With love, ronda


~ ~ ~

For those who have not yet worked with me and who would like more direct connection, please join me on my SoulArts Facebook Page to enter into an ongoing sharing dialogue together...

And to any who have worked with me already, we'd love to have you join our (free) SoulArts Private Group for Practitioners. It's a great way to hone your skill and open your heart with fellow SoulArts kindred friends (by request for those who have worked with me anytime in the past - please just state what retreat you attended when making your request to join this group :)

I remain thrilled to offer again this year the Art of Breakthrough Retreats and I know of nothing like them out there. (See dates and register early!)

In this work, I am so richly blessed to witness and help usher in all kinds of vulnerable miracles through loves, losses, and courageous openings of insight and maturity of purpose in this work that has called me to itself. I thank you for being on the trail of your soul, and for being a seeker of what it mean to truly "fall in love with the journey itself" (as I often say in Satsang).


The SoulArts Process of Following Life's Changes and Honoring Your Ever Evolving Awareness in Love... PHOTOS: Ronda Living the SoulArts Process She Teaches...

* Hand Update: P.S. Thank you for all the prayers and wishes regarding my severe hand injury and its recovery, as well as the many gifts sent to my home. Your love is a healing elixir indeed. For those curious, my hand is still in recovery mode for several more months before I will know what regained use I will have or if more surgery is required. I am able to continue with my writing and communication now so that is enough for me for now… as I continue to follow….

I look forward to sharing the new insights and healing gifts as they unfold in the new year!....

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IV. SPIRITUAL AWAKENING SERIES (non-dual realization)




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  • "What is The Meaning of Life?"...OK, how's that for a BIG "living question"? I was invited to respond to this question recently for a website that is 100% dedicated to: "What is the Meaning of Life" (ENJOY the Journey!)

-"Grad School for the Soul" This advanced SoulArts Apprenticeship Training Program with Ronda... It WILL change your life! Details... We have some SERIOUS FUN too! ... Be forewarned :)

SHARE THE LIGHT! Thank you for taking just a moment to share this information with someone you know who is searching or seeking to overcome real-life challenges; connect with inner wisdom; and discover - for themselves - the art of following life's true genius, meaning and path!

Thank you, in advance, for being a healing change-agent for one seeking to find his/her way. Bookmark and Share

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