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Ojai Soul Arts offers private spiritual retreats and vacatins for self discovery, healing, and self realization
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Life-Changing Spiritual Retreats and Private Apprenticeships

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Center for SoulArts in Ojai, California, offers the unique opportunity of working individually, one-on-one (privately) - or in the intimate setting of a small group, with internationally-regarded, spiritual author-teacher, Ronda LaRue.

SoulArts is a direct-experience, training spiritual retreat and artisan spa for those who want to know the art of alchemically transforming life conditions, wounds, fears and stories into a soulful adventure of self-healing, access to their own inner guidance, true awakening, and peace of mind. These retreats are created to be life-changing.

Located in Southern California, US, the Ojai Valley, is just 80 miles north of Los Angeles and only 8 miles from the ocean side town of Ventura.

Who Comes to SoulArts Apprenticeship Spiritual Retreats?

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  • People at a crossroad or significant life transition (mid life crisis or the mid-life rite of passage; relationship or career changes and loss; grief; recovery from disease; feelings of emptiness, loss of meaning and connection to Self, heart, and spiritual Source);
  • those seeking inner vision, spiritual renewal, and clarity of purpose;
  • those ready to breakthrough the ego's intellectual analysis and realize the genius of Life's dance from true presence;
  • those who have "tried everything" and are still stuck, but are willing;
  • those who want to work in private and do not want to be distracted or lost in a large group, and are not afraid to be alone with themselves (or who are, but who do it anyway!);
  • those who seek the special mirroring relationship of a spiritual teacher and guide, based on sacred apprenticeship and the alchemy of spiritual awakening through direct experience with a teacher;
  • people experiencing "the dark night of soul" or in the confusing terrain of egoic dissolution and spiritual awakening;
  • high profile professionals and celebrities who need a completely anonymous and privately-guided place to recharge and reconnect to their vision and well-being;
  • healers, physicians, nurses and life coaches ready to deepen their intuitive capacities and practice;
  • people who have lost their sense of spiritual connection, healthful balance, and meaning and who deeply wish to regain a feeling of soulfulness and meaningful direction in their lives.
meditation mount private guided retreat with ronda larue

People who apply for a privately-guided spiritual retreats with author-teacher Ronda LaRue, seem to each sense that they are on the brink of something new and unknown trying to emerge in their lives...

This may be felt as an inner longing, as mid-life crisis, as seeking a cure for the source of depression, emptiness or anxiety, as excited anticipation and adventure, or as being "fed up" with life and old repetitive ways.

People come here on an adventurous leap of faith that is free of knowing what to expect. This is because they realize that the old "problem solving" ways are no longer working for them and that it is time to investigate and discover the creative and spiritual language of Soul...

spiritual awakening self healing personal guided retreats in Ojai California


Those who come to SoulArts spiritual retreat universally say, that they have experienced more insight and lasting positive life changes in 3 1/2 days than from years of psychotherapy, group workshops, or other healing methods

The alchemy that naturally emerges from 3 1/2 days of total inner reflection and creative breakthrough with the help of a true guide to shine a light on your own inner way and wisdom, is truly phenomenal! 

These unique and private self discovery retreats are restorative, relaxing... deeply engaging, insightful, freeing, and utterly life affirming.

A Spiritual Retreat with author-teacher, Ronda LaRue, is uniquely and ideally set up for major healing insight, self discovery and life-transforming realizations, alongside gourmet healthy cuisine and supportive nurturing direction in an extraordinary and enchanting private artisan home environment.

Imagine the rest, nourishment and insights that naturally occur in such a dedicated personalized retreat where you have the time and the space to reconnect with someone utterly special: YOU!

Each who has come to a SoulArts private mentoring retreat with Ronda, has walked away with a revolutionary realization of their innate wholeness and their larger Calling of Soul. See Retreat Testimonials for a better sense of verbatim personal descriptions of personal experiences.

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shaman ceremony art therapy spiritual healing retreats in Southern california Ojai Soul arts
Tamme at grief healing retreat ojai soul arts california

"Dear Ronda, You have given me a gift larger than life, beyond all time and measure: the gift of seeing the wounded masks and layers of fear turn over to reveal my true Self.

Your willingness to go beyond, to go to the depth required, to reveal your own vulnerable honesty for the sake of true insight has amazingly opened me to this gift in my self! Honoring you are... Honoring I am now!" - Diane Yamamoto Skowron

~ ~ ~

Ronda LaRue's work as a spiritual author and teacher has gained a growing global visibility, with people traveling from all over the world to work one-on-one with her at her privately hosted Ojai SoulArts spiritual retreat and artisan spa for the soul, rated as one of the top 10 spiritual retreats in the U.S. and around the world (Asia Spa magazine, 2007) for this novel one-on-one offering.

In our overly-busy, commercialized world, this is truly a rare and utterly unique opportunity to find yourself, at last: fully at home and in love with your Self wherever you go!

ojai retreats and spas california

"Don't listen to me. Listen inside the Silence as you hear my words."-ronda larue


Omega Workshop Retreat October 2014 New York

Do you realize that there will never in this whole vast universe of Creation, be another YOU? --Not ever again!..

  • What is your true purpose and unique genius?
  • To what is your life most deeply dedicated?
  • What really matters?


Ronda LaRue Spiritual Teacher at Center for Soul Arts artisan  home Ojai California

Thank you for taking just a moment to share this information with someone you know who is suffering, searching or seeking to overcome real-life challenges.

This life work is dedicated to helping others connect with their own inner wisdom, and to discover the breakthrough relief of seeing the tyranny of the mind for what it is, and awakening to the language of soul, self-love and true freedom of Being.

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"Ronda's unique and direct-experience teachings reveal the universal seeing of a Zen master (non-dual realization) through the portals of psyche, form and meaning." - Jeff H. Publisher

"I know of no other person or place offering this level of personalized spiritual attention, wise and integrated counsel, depth of care, and natural playful ease!" - Marrion W. CEO/Founder

"I'm contemplating the word INNKEEPER... Keeper of the IN... that’s what you are... holding sacred space. The openings still keep coming! I am in awe of the experience!" - Judith Hammond, Professor of Sociology



find life meaning book by spiritual teacher ronda larue

find life meaning book by spiritual teacher ronda larue

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